The raphael-svg-import can load SVG's from the server and convert them to Raphael.
Upload a small SVG which will be rendered quickly using the Raphael extension.
This will deliver an equivalent group of Raphael elements derived from the SVG. This little demo pushes the Raphael set to the top left corner of the canvas.
Later versions of the plugin will support more SVG conversions.
If you want to use this plugin on a project and bring in small SVG's rendered as Raphael, then it should be possible finding a good svg set which will be transferred to Raphael and rendered in the browser when required.
Experiment with this small set of SVG's. Play with them in an SVG editor until they are useful on your project.
This demo also illustrates the ease in which jQuery Ajax is implemented.
Jonas has added extra work to the original plugin delivered by Wout and it now supports path conversion when possible.

This plugin was provided by Wout and Jonas and the latest version can be found here on Github.